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Danskfiskekort.dk's vision

Danskfiskekort.dk is a company started in 2012 as a result of two young fishing enthusiasts and their experience with online fishing licenses. These two young guys are now studying Civil Ingineering at University of Southern Denmark in Odense. Here they bumped into Tobias who among his many interests have worked with webpages for along time, and this became the foundation for Danskfiskekort.dk
The vision of Danskfiskekort.dk is to make the process of buying a fishing license easy and simple for the fishing associations and for the fishers. Our goal is to unify all the danish fishing associations who wishes to be a part of this network and there by give the fishers the possibility to buy their fishing license to any fishing water in Denmark on one site.

Dansk Fiskekort I/S

Danskfiskekort.dk | CVR: 36 47 45 80 | mail@danskfiskekort.dk | +45 30 25 62 23 | Reventlowsvej 74 | 5000 Odense C