Eastern Jutland

Below you can see the list of possible fishing waters in the region Eastern Jutland.

Støvring Lystfiskeri Forening

Fishing water: Lindenborg Å
Season: 16/01 to 15/11

Støvring fishing association is founded in 1953 with fishing water in the upper section of Lindenborg stream. The fishing association has the fishing permit to 6 Km steam which are running in one of...

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Sportsfiskerforeningen Pirken

Fishing water: Lerkendfeld Å
Season: 16/01 to 15/11

Lerkenfeld stream. Day licens is valid for fishing in Lerkenfeld stream from Højslev Mølle ( Binderup kro) on the North side to the farm Årupgård. On the South side from Højslev Mølle to the ro...

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Skanderborg Lystfiskerforening

Fishing water: Skanderborgsøerne
Season: 01/01 to 31/12

Skanderborg fishing association has the rights to sell fishing licenses to big parts of Skanderborg lake. The incomes from the sails are used to improve the fishing surrounding at the lake and to help...

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Aalestrup Lystfiskerforening

Fishing water: Simested Å
Season: 01/03 to 31/10

Ålestrup fishing association has the fishing permit to many kilometers of very good fishing water by Simested river. The name “Simested river” should be well recognized by most of the trout fishe...

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Viborg Sportsfiskerforening

Fishing water: Simested Å, Skals Å, Karup Å m.fl.
Season: 01/03 to 31/10

Description only available in Danish. ...

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Omegnens All-Round Klub

Fishing water: Guden Å, Karup Å, Skals Å og Jordbro Å
Season: 1/1 to 31/12

Description only available in Danish. ...

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Randers Sportsfisker klub

Fishing water: Alling Å samt Gudenåen ved Ulstrup.
Season: 1/1 to 31/12

Kort beskrivelse (200 ord)...

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